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On-Campus Worship

Sundays @ 11 AM

Join Grace Community Bible Church On-Campus on Sunday mornings for Worship beginning at 11AM. Our worship comes in various forms...classic hymns, contemporary praise, preaching God's Word in sermon, serving in ministry, giving, and many other ways. We want our time together to encourage, equip, and support you as you live your life intentionally for Jesus (#liveonmisson).


During this season of COVID, the look of our gathering space has changed. In accordance with local guidelines around physical distancing, we are currently offering a blend of traditional chair based and table seating to support physical distancing as we gather to worship.

Our church is cleaned twice each week, and we sanitize high touch surfaces regularly, invite hand soap and hand sanitizer usage, and encourage the use of masks. We do have disposable masks available if you are here for Worship and would like to wear one. We use fans and open doors to move external, fresh air through our Worship Center. On Communion Sundays, we now offer individually packaged sealed cup & bread sets (gluten free).

Did you choose to join God's story?

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Join an Online Community

During these trying times, it is important to be engaged socially. We have online communities to support your scheduling and physical distancing needs! Check out the available communities below!

Want a call from a Pastor?

Would you like a personal call from one of our pastors? Follow the link below to fill out a contact form. One of our pastors will be in touch soon!