Bereans Adult Bible Study

Bereans is an Adult Bible class led Sunday mornings by Mark Johnston, currently studying Ephesians.

The Bereans class looks at one Bible book at a time, typically one chapter each week. The approach is verse-by-verse, or just a few verses at a time. The study time is peppered with discussion questions and much engagement is valued. Each meeting opens with time for fellowship, prayer requests and singing.

The Bereans Adult Bible study is lead by Mark Johnston on Sunday Mornings, and is in-person.

On-Campus Class (Adult One): 9:30 to 10:30 am on Sunday. 

Our current study is the book of EPHESIANS.

In our study of EPHESIANS, we'll look at Apostle Paul's uplifting letter to the believers at Ephesus describing the rich blessings of their standing because of their faith in Jesus Christ.