What to Expect When You Visit

Which door do I go in?

You can enter any of the three doors that you would like (North, West, or Southwest).  The North doors are considered the main doors (photo to the left) and bring you in near the Worship Center.  

What should I wear?

Come as you are.  We are interested in you–not your wardrobe.  Many in our congregation will wear business casual, some wear jeans or shorts, and a few will dress up (e.g. suits).  You will be welcomed and accepted regardless of what you wear.

What happens when I attend?

9:30 Bible Studies

There are Bible studies for all ages.  Adults have a choice of four classes to choose from (link).  Children and Youth have their own classes where the Bible is taught in an interesting and age appropriate way.

10:45 to 11:00 am – Coffee time! 

[visitng and movement to the Worship Center]

11:00 Worship Service

We strive to provide an inviting and friendly atmosphere at Grace.  The two main elements of the service are music and a message.

The music is a blend of contemporary worship songs interspersed with melodic hymns.  We encourage the congregation to sing and participate in the worship service.

The message is from the Bible and connected to real life.  When you attend Grace you should expect to hear a “word from God” because the message is taken from God’s Word, the Bible.

What about my children?

We provide childcare (infants through age 4 years) for all of our services.  We value the safety of your children so you will find stations where all children must be checked in using KidCheck (link) for optimum security.

At 9:30 am there are Bible study classes for all ages (Kindergarten-6th grade).  During our worship service at 11:00 am we want families to be together as much as reasonably possible.  About halfway through the service, children from ages 4 through 3rd grade are dismissed from the Worship Service to attend Kids Klubhouse.

What about my teenagers?

At 9:30 am there is a Bible study class for our Junior High students (7-8th grade) and for our High School students (9-12th grade).  At 6:00 pm (NOTE this is Sunday evening) we have Revolution for all students in 7-12th grade.  This is a great time of fellowship (games) and small group interaction.

If I visit, will I be singled out?

No!  You will be welcomed and people will introduce themselves to you but nothing will be done that would embarrass you.  During the Worship Service we have a “meet and greet” time where everyone will be encouraged to greet those sitting around them.

Will I be Asked for Money?

No! As a guest you are not expected or pressured to give money. We do not harass our own people for money and we would certainly not ask a newcomer to contribute financially to our ministry. During the Worship Service there is a time for offering but any offerings you may give are completely your decision without any pressure.

Will I be contacted or place on a mailing list?

We would like to meet you, visit with you, and encourage you. However, any further contact would be up to you.

You will not be put on any mailing (email or snail). At Grace newsletter is emailed out periodically but it is only sent to you if you request it.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

If you have one you are encouraged to bring it. If you don’t have one, we will give you a Bible to keep when you attend. No strings Attached. We simply believe in the importance of what God has to say in the Bible so we would count it a privilege to give you a copy. The world is full of lots of opinions but we believe God’s opinion counts the most.