Survivors Sermon Series

Because of a Believer’s relationship with Jesus, they are often referred to as Victors andOver-comers.  But too many times, Believers feel more the opposite, and just hope to survive.  We will take a close look at a new cast of characters in the Bible who learned how to survive, to learn what Survival Skills we can, from each of them.

Demas | 2 Timothy 4:10   Losing Everything of Value in Life

Jehoshaphat | 2 Chronicles 20 – Living in the Valley of Beracah (praise)

Gideon |Judges 8:22 – 34 – Surviving Success


Jonah | The Book of Jonah –  Why We are Survivors When We Act Like a Failure


Daniel 3  |  “But if not . . .”    A Lesson From Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

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Jesus, A Man of Action | Jump on Board

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Jesus, A Man of Action | Jump on Board This Sunday we will be starting a new series in the book of Mark.  Mark portrays Jesus as a Man of Action and [...]

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