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The Book of Philippians

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Fullness of Joy is not just a phrase, it’s a promise. What is involved and how we experience it, is the subject of a small, wonderful book called, Philippians.

Philippians 1:1 – 11 | Thoughts and Prayers That Produce Joy

Philippians 1:12 – 18  |  Finding Joy in Spite of Circumstances and Criticism

Philippians 1:19 – 30 |   Fullness of Joy in Spite of An Uncertain Future

Philippians 2:1-11 | How to Ensure Unity That Produces Joy

Philippians 2:12-18 | The Ins and Outs of the Christian Life

Philippians 2:19-30 | The Heroes Behind the Superheroes

Philippians 3:1-9 | Pushers and Riders  – Legalism Robs the Christian of Joy

Philippians 3:10-16 | Knowing Jesus as Lord

Philippians 3:17-21 |Lawless Living is a Replacement for Joy

Philippians 4:1-9 | Living in Harmony with One Another

Philippians 4:10-14 | A Cheerful Receiver

Philippians 4:15-23 | Giving Money

Giving is an important, tangible part of Worship. Listen and learn what makes our giving, worship.

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