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The Book of Joshua

The Book of Joshua

The value of many of the books in the Old Testament is that they illustrate the truth of the New Testament.  The book of Joshua is one of those books.   It does not illustrate how to enter the Christian life, but it does illustrate how to enjoy it.  The book of Joshua specifically illustrates how to enter and enjoy the Abundant Christian Life.  The Abundant Christian Life is a life of victory, blessing, and rest for the believer.  It is everything we want our relationship with Jesus to be.

Joshua 1 | How to Succeed and How to be Second

Joshua 4 | Building Memorials in Our Life and Home

Joshua 5 | Old and New Testament Ordinances

Joshua 7 | The Consequences of Casual Obedience

Joshua 10 – 12 | A Framework for Dealing with Difficult Questions

Joshua 13 – 21 | Learning from the Fine Print

Joshua 23, 24 | Enjoying the Abundant Christian Life

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