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The Book of Ephesians

The Book of Ephesians

The Riches and Responsibilities of our Faith

Of all the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote, Ephesians has changed my life the most.  In it, we learn how we can have a personal relationship with Jesus and how rich and rewarding that relationship is.   From this book, I have learned what it means to be a leader, a spouse, a parent, a wage earner, a spiritual warrior, just to name a few.  This book changes me for the better, every time I read it and study it. 

Eph 1:1 – 14 | The Realm of the Invisible Realities

Eph 1:15 – 23  | How to Enjoy our Riches

Eph 3:1 – 13 | Insight into the Mystery of Faith

Eph 3:14 – 21 | Praying From a Full Heart

Eph 4:1 – 16  | Walk Worthy by Preserving Our Unity

Eph 4:17 – 32 | Don’t Live Like an Unbeliever!

Eph 5:1 – 14 | Imitating God with Love and Light

Eph 5:22 – 33 | Submission within Marriage

Eph 6:1 – 4 | Submission Within a Family:  Children, Parents, and Parenting

Eph 6:5 – 9 | Living Wisely in the Workplace

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