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The Book of Acts

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The Book of Acts Chapters 1-12 records the spread of the message of Jesus through people just like you and me.

Acts Chapter 1 – Storm Houses, and What They Look Like

Acts Chapter 2 – The Beginning of the Church

Acts 2:41 – 47    The Essential Characteristics of The Body of Christ

Acts  5:12 – 42 | The Most Intelligent Choice

Acts  8 |  Wherever Christians are planted, Satan will plant his counterfeits.

Acts  9 | How to be sure of your faith and be useful for Jesus.

Acts  10 | Cornelius – The Miracle of forgiveness is the greatest miracle of all.

The book of Acts records the spread of the message of Jesus to the uttermost part of the earth.  Acts 13 – 20 records the Missionary Journeys of Paul which made that possible.

Acts  17:1 – 14   Speaking, Listening, and Inviting

Acts  17: 16 – 3 | How to speak to the Educated Atheist

Acts  18:1 – 22  |  Bringing Good out of Evil

Acts  18:23 – 19:10  | Loving the Lord, and Learning His Word

Acts  19:11 – 41 | God is Winning:  Spiritually and Politically

Acts  20:1 – 16 |  What We Can Learn From a Death in a Church Service

Acts  20:17 – 38 | The Relationship and Responsibilities between Shepherds and Sheep

The Book of Acts Chapters 21-28

Acts 21:17-34 | Response to a Former Religion

Acts 21:36 – 22:9 | Know Your Audience

Acts 22:30 – 23:35 | Christianity is Not Destructive to Society

Acts 24 | The Penalty of Procrastination

When it comes to trusting in Jesus’ Death for a relationship with God, the biggest lie we can believe, is that there is no hurry to do so. Listen and learn why that lie is so lethal. It will help if you read Acts 24.

Acts 25-26 | A Defense of Christianity

Unlike some World Religions, Christianity is not a threat to our Society. Listen and learn why that is so, and how we can communicate that. It will help if you read Acts 25 and 26.

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