About Grace Community Bible Church

Grace Community Bible Church is all about encouragement. When you come to Grace, you will be challenged to have the honesty and the courage to let the Bible determine your beliefs. You will be taught to think for yourself on the basis of God's Word. Your children will have a fun and safe place to learn, and your youth will receive the encouragement and support to mature.

Worship Service | Adam’s Road – Matt Wilder

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Worship Service | Adam's Road - Matt Wilder Worship Service "Journey through the Gospel” takes the listener through the Bible in Spoken Word and music. Starting in Genesis, the audience voyages through some highlights of the Bible, including the creation of the world, the fall of mankind, the incarnation—life, death, and resurrection of [...]

Steve and Rhonda Ransom, Dec 2018 | Pioneer Bible Camp

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Steve and Rhonda Ransom | Pioneer Bible Camp Click here to view a PDF scan of the letter Transcript: Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year Dear Family & Friends, Camp news from 2018: So many wonderful things happened this summer and then some challenges. Once again, the Lord allowed us to minister [...]