Our Mission

Grace Community Bible Church seeks to accomplish its ministry in the context of encouragement. It is based on Colossians 2:2 which says, that their hearts might be encouraged, having been knit together in love. Taking our biblical mandate and matching it to our commitment of encouragement, the mission of Grace Community Bible Church is:

 To encourage one another in our relationship with Christ, His church, and ourcommunity.

Our relationship with Christ has to do with worship. Our relationship with His church has to do with equipping. Our relationship with our community has to do with evangelism. In very simplistic terms, how we carry out our mission is by:

Celebrating Christ in worship
Cultivating maturity in His church
Communicating His forgiveness to our community

From our mission, we have embraced the following as our vision:

Grace Community Bible Church is a place of spiritual encouragement that is biblically based and culturally connected. It is a worship center that assists each believer in genuine worship, and offers hope to everyone who attends. It is a training center that cultivates maturity through biblical instruction, authentic examples, and practical training. It is an outreach center that communicates Christ’s forgiveness, mobilizes people with an ability and passion to share it, and supports foreign missions.


1. Encouragement
2. Authenticity
3. Inspiring worship services
4. Expository preaching and teaching
5. Empowering leadership
6. Loving relationships
7. Equipping God’s servants
8. Gift-oriented ministries
9. Need-oriented evangelism